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Company director Director

Born: 1964

Nationality: ITALIAN
Posttown: LONDON
Postcode: SW12 8AU

Galliano Balestrucci worked at GRAPPOLO LTD as Director and at VADEM LIMITED as Director.

GRAPPOLO LTD (dissolved)

14 August 2007 - 05 May 2009

Galliano Balestrucci worked as Director at GRAPPOLO LTD from 14 August 2007 to 05 May 2009

Company address: GRAPPOLO LTD

VADEM LIMITED (dissolved)

16 March 2005 - 24 March 2009

Galliano Balestrucci worked as Director (COMPANY DIRECTOR) at VADEM LIMITED from 16 March 2005 to 24 March 2009

Company address: VADEM LIMITED

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