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Businessman Developer Self employed

Born: 1972

Nationality: BRITISH
Posttown: LONDON
Postcode: SW9 9RB

Country of residence: UNITED KINGDOM

MR Trevor Jonathon Gray worked at BARR GRAY LTD as Secretary, CAREPLUS UK LTD as Secretary, CARE PLUS 2000 LIMITED as Secretary.

BARR GRAY LTD (dissolved)

14 May 2007 - 19 May 2009

Trevor Jonathon Gray worked as Secretary (DEVELOPER) at BARR GRAY LTD from 14 June 2007 to 19 May 2009

Company address: BARR GRAY LTD

CAREPLUS UK LTD (dissolved)

02 March 2004 - 19 February 2008

Trevor Jonathon Gray worked as Secretary (SELF EMPLOYED) at CAREPLUS UK LTD from 31 March 2004 to 19 February 2008

Company address: CAREPLUS UK LTD

CARE PLUS 2000 LIMITED (dissolved)

06 August 2003 - 21 March 2006

Trevor Jonathon Gray worked as Secretary (BUSINESSMAN) at CARE PLUS 2000 LIMITED from 11 August 2003 to 21 March 2006

Company address: CARE PLUS 2000 LIMITED

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